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I just wanna see the weird crud my mind makes up all the time with my own two eyes. I wanna see it in action. Even if it's 2d and looks far from the way I imagined it.




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      Now let me tell you a little something about MEOW


        MEOW is merely a group chat in Facebook. At least, that’s what most of our other friends think. In actuality, it’s a group of 9 different messed up people no one will ever expect to get along that calls themselves something as senseless as a cat’s call. Now I shall proceed with this thing’s history. Brace yourselves, thing that’ll definitely bore you is coming.

      This group started as a meetup, a group chat in the world’s most popular blue social website called Facebook (yeah not you Twitter). I was a fond of an internet friend I had, FD, who was introduced to me by his childhood best friend, Jam Jam - senpai (Yeah, I’m a weeb. Suck it up ). Now I told my other friend, Ate E (a person from a higher level but is younger than me by a few months), about this dude. She became interested and wanted to get a chance to meet him or, well, talk to him. To her surprise, I made the group chat just as she was telling me how ecstatic she’d be if she were to talk to him. Needless to say, she was very shy and had trouble trying to start a conversation. She managed to talk to him at the group and eventually the three of us would hang out together almost every night. She named the group “ Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow” for some reason but for another unknown reason neither I nor FD questioned it. 

       Now Ate E, had a Muslim best friend named Ate Hanna who took interest in our trio. So, she was added to our group to meet us. (Though she already met me considering we go to the same school). She was sort of a fond of us. Mostly FD. (probably sorcery).

 Then came my classmate, Mari, who I was rambling to about Meowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeowmeow’s mischief. I added her seeing that she was interested. Though she wasn’t that active considering our studies, from the way she’d talk about the group every time we meet up, I’d say she was having fun being a part of it.

 Some stuff happened at my home, and my mom and I were forced to temporarily move in to a family friend’s house. Now my bro bro, Derk paid us a visit and for some reason I gave him total control over my phone to meet the peeps at 7Meow. (Trust me all of us were too lazy to type the long one okay). Now the dude made a ruckus with FD and Ate E in the group chat. Coincidentally, my mother dear took my phone when he left and read all of FD’s teasing, Ate E’s support for it and Derk’s horrible counters. She was definitely upset about it and told me to leave them. I did. But I made a new account with FD’s help and had been using it ever since to communicate with them. The inconvenience he’d caused aside, I added him to the group he isn’t that interested in at the time which I can never understand why. Though he seems to be settling in with us quite nicely lately.

      Around this time, FD became inactive for long periods and rarely came on. Soon, we realized that the dude took a job and was working most of the time because life. We took some time killing bad thoughts about his absence (mainly Ate E and I ) until we were finally able to deal with it. ( Anxiety at its finest.)

    One night, an alien took over FD’s account. He was actually FD’s bro bro. I’ve heard some stuff about him before he came so it wasn’t that hard to get along. Turns out FD sent Ali as our babysitter in his place. Before any of us realized it, he became rather attached to us and continued to pay visits even when FD was starting to be a little more active.  

 Finally, the group realized that the name was too long and inconvenient for everyone so we changed our name into the name it is now: M E O W

  Not long after,  around the time Ate E was getting the hang of roleplay, she met a Korean dude, PC. She immediately became a fond of him and added him. I was against this but chose to keep it to myself. Was never a fan of huge groups. Though I ended up telling her about this, I didn’t let it get to her. She was sort of interested in the person so yeah. Now at first he seems pretty cool with everyone then he kinda opened up to us in a way that we weren’t totally cool with. Then again we’re the deal-with-it kind of people so we just dealt with it. But the dude got tired and left the group. I went after PC for some reason I still don’t understand (and I still do whenever he goes on his weird times) and after some bonding we managed to bring him back. He kept up his real attitude and everyone’s settling on it as he is settling with us.

  Soon enough, he introduced us to his twin sister who he “loathes”, Gemmie, who turns out to be a frequent user of his Facebook account. She was pretty easy to keep. Though my insides are killin me, tellin me that this group was getting too big already, I swallowed it and let her stay. I mean come on, it’s PC’s dear twin so fine. She comes to us from time to time and I’m telling you everybody loves her. Yes even PC.Just keeps on denying it. Definitely adores her more than anyone else does. twincestforthewin

Since then, we never accepted other people in. We let them pay a visit but never really let them join. I respect the members for hearing my selfish request. I’m still guilty about having the thought, considering that one of us actually likes huge groups of friends. More the reason why I’m thankful to them for taking my thoughts in consideration.

What started as a short meeting turned into a nightly hangout  for a group of friends; a place where different wacked up minds pour various topics that range from pointless puns and circumcision, to family relationships and struggles just for nine specific people to see. In all honesty, I never thought this thing would last this long and evolve to something great. It never meant anything to me before but it did to one person so I decided to keep it for her sake. Before I even realized it, I too was getting attached and soon enough this thing became a huge part of my life. Well not really that huge, but it’s something. I easily drop things that come by my life but I doubt that this is one of them.

Meow is like a second family to me, my bond family. Sure it doesn’t mean as much as my blood family, but Meow is definitely something meaningful to me. I don’t know if it’s the same for each member but I do know it does to me. Even when it’s finally time for it to end, I could never bring myself to forget this bond I formed with these silly little people. Though most of them don’t believe in the things I believe in, I thank my God for letting me meet and be with these great people. I pray that this group will remain in everyone’s hearts even in the brink of its death and that maybe someday we’d all bring our fantasies about this family (the ones that are legal and safe for the world that is) to reality together.

Now that I’ve strained myself of enough cheesy drama, I shall put an end to it here and now. Thank you for wasting nearly 10 minutes of your life reading pointless words that killed my brain cells for 3 hours. As for the people in my dear group, ah lahv yhe all yhe lil fricken fudge tarts.

~ Yukeh

I was looking for this everywhere. Wrote this months before 2017. Turns out it's been in my stash for like half a year.
I'm THIS CLOSE to giving up on men's hair.


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